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Rebecca Gilling

Sculpture and Design

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Rebecca crafts unique sculptural works in clay, cob and lime plaster, as well as sculpting master models for moulding and casting. She predominantly models freehand in clay and lime plaster, using techniques and processes very similar to Pargetting or Stucco; where the material is modelled in situ making each piece different and bespoke. As well as working in high relief on existing walls, she also works in 3D; producing land art and building temple spaces and sacred places of contemplation and inspiration.

Rebecca works closely with clients to create a design that they are happy with, or can work to CAD drawings supplied to create beautifully handmade decorative plasterwork for overmantles, friezes, panels, ceilings, walls and larger scale outdoor works. She works in both traditional and contemporary styles - but mostly using traditional methods that have not changed much in hundreds of years. Rebecca strives to create work which is beautiful and inspiring, that adds story and character to a space, and hopes to keep these techniques and processes alive through dedication to her craft.

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"Let us write a poem upon the earth that does not disturb the silence from which it came"
- Wendall Berry

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Devon, UK

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